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Torrents for Naruto

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Episodes:   220
Vintage:   October 2002
Genre(s):   Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen
More info:   AnimeSuki Forum, ANN Encyclopedia, AniDB, Anime-Planet, MyAnimeList, Wiki, Official Site, Crunchyroll, Viz, AnimeNfo
Description:   If you reached this page from a bookmark or off-site link: Naruto has been licensed and will air on Cartoon Network in third quarter of 2005. For this reason AnimeSuki has removed all links. You won't find this page mentioned on the site anymore.
Fansub info:   Specials:
Jump Festa 2003: Search for the Crimson Four Leaf Clover
Jump Festa 2004: Battle at Hidden Falls. I am the Hero!

Viewing order for these specials is irrelevant. As long as you watch the first half-dozen episodes first you can watch them at any time.

This series is licensed and has been removed from the site (more info).
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